Jamie Dimon: the successful story of a Titan in the 21st century


James or “Jamie” Dimon is the son of Theodore and Themis. Themis was born with the last name Kalos and Theodore with the name Papademetriou that had been changed previously to Dimon by Jamie’s grandfather who was a Greek immigrant that decided his family name should sound more French, instead of Greek. Both Jamie’s father and grandfather were stockbrokers and bankers, therefore Jamie is the third generation with this profession in his family, only he became one of America’s current Financial Titans.

Jamie Dimon is today´s chairman, president and CEO of JPMorgan Chase. He has been considered one of the world’s most influential people and he has received the title of the Best CEO in the list of the All-America Executive Team Survey for four years in a row. In 2015 he was part of the list of the 20 World’s Most Powerful People, according to Forbes. He is then a real life, modern, financial titan.

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase_patrick dwyer
Image courtesy of Steve Jurvetson at Flickr.com

The early years

He was born on March 13, 1956 in New York and has two brothers. He is married to Judith Kent. They met while they were studying at Harvard and today they have 3 daughters.  He majored in psychology and economics at Tufts University and a few years later, he graduated from Harvard Business School and received a Master’s in Business Administration as a Baker Scholar. During his summer breaks from school he worked at Shearson (while in Tufts) and at Goldman Sachs (while in Harvard). After graduating he received interesting job offers from investment banks like Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley and again from Goldman Sachs. All of them were turned down by Jamie due to another offer he received from Sandy Weill, former CEO and chairman of Citigroup, who would become his mentor and asked him to come work at American Express as an assistant, after catching his attention when Jamie’s father, who was executive vice president also at American Express, showed Sandy an essay written by Jamie.

The CEO, President and Chairman

In 1985 Jamie became Chief Financial Officer at Commercial Credit, with Sandy Weills again at the head of the company and together they brought together the largest group of financial services ever seen. This group was Citigroup and it was created in 1998.

That same year Sandy Weill fired Jamie, but soon he had new plans in his professional life. In in March, 2000 he started as CEO at Bank One and four years later JPMorgan Chase bought Bank One, naming Jamie Dimon as the COO and president of this new combined company. One year later he became the CEO.

Chase Tower_J.P.Morgan_Patrick Dwyer
Image courtesy of Kristen Cavanaugh at Flickr.com

Board of Directors

Due to his vast experience in business and economics, Jamie Dimon has become part of several important boards of directors. Some of them are Harvard Business School, The Business Council and The Board of Trustees of New York University School of Medicine.

The Donor

Jamie and his wife Judith are great supporters of the Democratic Party. Their support has been evidenced in huge amounts of money they have donated to different candidates and committees.

Their foundation has also made generous donations to different universities and colleges such as Duke University, Barnard College, University of Chicago and Tulane, among others.

Other types of organization have also been benefited by them. Some of the organizations in the list are The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Children’s Aid Society, The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, The FDNY Foundation, The American Cancer Society and the Tectonic Theater Project, among many others. A yearly number of their donations can reach up to almost 2 million dollars.

The Recent Purchase

This year started with a great headline for Jamie Dimon. In February 2016 it was announced that he had bought 500,000 shares of JPMorgan Chase for $26 million dollars. With this new purchase he will be the owner of around 6,800.000 shares of the bank that are worth more than $350 million dollars.



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